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EMT is fully insured and provides mobile maintenance for all your maintenance repair needs anywhere in the state of Colorado.

Keep your telehandler in tip-top shape to ensure its longevity and safeguard your productivity.

由于它们的多功能性, telehandlers are well-known assets in the construction, 农业, 和农业部门. Telehandlers offer an extensive amount of support for various construction activities. 像这样, businesses whose operations require the use of telehandlers should want to keep them well-maintained.

For reliable telehandler repair and maintenance services, our experts at Equipment Maintenance Technicians offer quick and effective solutions that ensure the optimal condition of your telehandlers. By putting your trust in our expertise, you can have a smooth-running telehandler to help you with your day-to-day business operations.

Signs That Your Telehandler Forklift Needs Repair

Like any type of material handling equipment (MHE), telehandlers are susceptible to damage without a proper routine maintenance schedule. Maintaining this equipment is essential as faulty telehandlers translate into potential hazards that can negatively impact productivity and safety.

Be on the lookout for the following signs that your telehandler needs repair:

1. Warning Light From Information Panels

损坏的发动机, 低胎压, or a need for an oil change are just some of the issues that you must check when the warning light turns on. The warning light offers the most obvious sign that calls for telehandler maintenance, so you have to pay attention to it in order to have your equipment issues attended to on time. Call maintenance experts to inspect and repair your telehandler.

2. 石油泄漏

Oil leaks are never good news for any equipment. Insufficient oil creates friction and increased temperature that would slowly destroy the internal mechanisms of the telehandler. You’ll then be faced with other performance issues like spongy brakes, 可怜的燃油效率, 和转向困难. If you notice oil stains on the ground beneath your parked telehandler, check your oil levels to assess how bad the leak is.

EMT Agricultural Telehandler machine maintenance

3. 损坏的链

有任何腐蚀迹象吗?, 弯折, rust or chain elongation indicates the need for telehandler repair or replacement. 链 are important components of a telehandler’s internal mechanism. Without proper inspection, you might miss out on early warning signs of damage. Eventually, this could cause interruptions in your work operations. 为了防止这种, hire experts for telehandler maintenance to check for wear on your telehandler’s chains.

4. 弯曲的叉子

Forks are essential to telehandler operation, specifically for holding the load’s weight. Depending on the load and frequency of use, 叉子可能会损坏, 如果不迅速采取行动, bent forks could cost you your productivity. Pay attention to any sign of bending, 表面裂缝, 或者你的叉子放歪了, and have them serviced immediately.

Our Telehandler Repair and Maintenance 服务

Our team understands the need to have telehandlers maintained to make the most of their utility. Whether you need immediate repair services or scheduled preventive maintenance, our technicians can help you stay proactive in addressing issues and preventing others from occurring in the future.

Below are some of our telehandler repair and maintenance services:

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